My not-so-little-anymore sister graduated from high school today. That was fairly early in the morning, and there was then much Gathering and Festivities through the afternoon with family and folks who used to be our neighbors in time gone by.

Realized that it had been five years since I've been at Foard at this point but it feels much longer ago. Though I vividly remember the last thing I did at Foard, which was play in the band at graduation. Out on the football field. Where it proceeded to start hailing on us. I really don't think I'll forget that one; running for cover carrying my trombone and a music stand.

After that all came to a halt, went out to Barnes and Noble with my mom and picked up a copy of The Salmon of Doubt to add to the pile on my bedside table. I can't complain about lack of things to read at present, which is always a good thing. Came back home and sat and watched the end of the Hurricanes game since my sister's boyfriend was watching it. Out of all of those shots in the third period, probability would have had at least one go in, but the Toronto goalie was doing a pretty good job.

Eventually started working on what's needed to migrate linuxpower/ncssm.net mail elsewhere since kotako dies this week. It's been a good run, but it's definitely time for the site to die the death it has wanted for a while now. Kind of sad, though.

Now, I think to head in the direction of bed. Maybe read a little bit more in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland first. It's been a long day, though

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