Have done very little today. Slept in. Talked with some folks on IRC. Read a little. Talked with various members of my family. And that's really about it.

Very boring. And I feel somewhat guilty for not having gotten any work done, even though technically I took the day off. I'll probably make up for it over the weekend at some point.

Awww hell. Why did I update my copy of cvs rpm and start looking at the python stuff that Jeff started working on. Now I feel even more guilty :/

2 thoughts on “81818”

  1. Two problems
    a) swimsuit in Raleigh
    b) today was my sister’s graduation + festivities so I spent the whole day thusly occupied.

    Tomorrow may well be a “catch up with work day”, and I think I’m actually going to head back early on Monday so that I can go by S&M. I’ve been meaning to go by and just haven’t gotten a chance. Since I’ve already got Monday off, it seems like a reasonable time to go. And my mom even seemed relatively fine with me leaving earlier on Monday than I had originally planned.

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