Actually managed to get a good bit done today at work, which was a good thing. I've actually managed to install rawhide with the anaconda in rawhide now 🙂

Left work around 6:15 and headed back to Hickory. Ran into annoying traffic slowdowns west of Statesville where they're currently doing construction, but for the most part, not a bad drive. Sat around and talked with my family for a bit, and then watched Tommy since I was channel flipping and happened to see it was on; I had forgotten how very bizarre it was.

The bad thing is I've been home less than four hours and I've already been bored a significant amount. Going to be an exciting weekend, I can already tell :/

2 thoughts on “81649”

  1. Damn those people in statesville! kill them all I say! Well, if you get too bored, you’re welcome to come for a swim and I’ll even try to burn something with style. I’m sure my parents (and whatever other family is around) would love to work the miracleworker who makes it all go. 🙂 So there it is, your invitation. By the way.. I got that special outfit for you for your graduation present… I mean.. umm.. probably shouldn’t post that in a public journal..

  2. Must be all the traffic from the striving metropolis
    that is Statesville…

    Go hangout in Statesville, thats where all the cool
    kids are!

    Give your regards to the Old Mountain Road exit
    on your way back….

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