Got some good stuff done today at work, even if I did get distracted from my original goal. I will get at least one thing done from my todo list for the week actually done this week. And I'll probably do a bit more over the weekend.

Tonight, went out to and 's for 's birthday. Had dinner and a good time talking with folks. Then had to jet out a bit early to start laundry so that I would have clean clothes to take with me this weekend to my parents'.

Now, my laundry is just about finished and my packing is partially done (I'll be able to finish when the laundry is done). Then, I'll head back to Hickory tomorrow after work. Marshall is not very happy about my packing, but he doesn't have to worry as much as he's not coming with me this time. I'll probably end up catching up on work while I'm in Hickory for lack of anything else to do there if nothing else. Although I did pack up the PS/2 🙂