Got up and got in to work at a reasonable hour. Got through email, handling status report, looking through some stuff in bugzilla. Normal Monday fun. Spent most of the afternoon dealing with my packages some (evolution 1.0.5 packages should show up in gnomehide the next time Havoc pushes it. Or I might put it up on people before if asked to). Then went on to the redhat-config-keyboard fun. Got it interacting nicely with anaconda and then started trying to abstract out a few of the methods into a parent class that could be easily shared among similar tools. Decided to go home and eat with the intent of finishing it later.

It's now five hours or so later and I made no progress on it. I think I'm going to read some more, then go to bed with the plan of waking up and getting in early tomorrow. It really shouldn't take me that long to finish this up, and then it'll be done and I can stop dealing with it.

I'm just not really motivated to work on any of the things on my todo list right now. I think I need to find something random to hack on for a little while. The hard part is finding what (and before you say it , no, auroraconda doesn't count 🙂

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