Got some of what I wanted to get done today… went by the office to take a look at sparc anaconda. It's currently kind of hosed. Dunno why, either, since it works in test mode. Must be a code path that doesn't get hit in test mode, but does otherwise. Bleah. I hate debugging the loader.

Also went by the grocery store and made chili for dinner. I really like chili. A lot.

The other thing I did while I was out was rented Mulholland Drive. That has to be one of the strangest movies I've watched in quite a while. Very good, but strange. I think I'll need to watch it a second time tomorrow to try to make more sense out of it. I had a vague idea of putting some sense around the whole thing after watching it, and there was a pretty good article on salon that strengthened some of my ideas and pointed out some interesting bits.

Didn't get around to doing the work I wanted to get done or cleaning my room due to reading and other randomness. Oh well, it'll get done sometime.