Overslept this morning. Oh well.

Spent most of the day at work today looking over HEAD rpm stuff. Looked a bit at the dependency solver. Very scary. Need to look at it more closely to evaluate complete correctness, but Jeff's code really makes my head hurt to read. Three-letter variable names and littered with all manner of splint annotations. Should probably just sit down with him tomorrow afternoon and walk through the “preferred” api bits in his mind. Also read through the silly python module reference again, since it had been a while since I've really looked at it much so wanted to refresh my memory on the stuff.

Left at a reasonable hour, came home, wasted a lot of time. Didn't really do anything. Just sort of sat on IRC talking with people and browsing through random crap on the web and newsgroups.

Then, decided I should accomplish something this evening so hacked on sparc anaconda for a bit. Got the glibc linkage working properly with the wacky stubs to cut down on the size of the loader. Looks like it should probably work. Then started trying to build trees and fought with that a little. The big problem is going to be getting things to fit I think since the kernel on sparc is not small and the loader isn't exactly tiny. I can probably save some space by stubbing out the transliteration stuff, as I don't think that's needed for the loader, but I want to at least try to see if we can get the current stuff working first. I guess booting from an already existent silo will probably do the trick… just the fixing things if they're broken will be trickier.

Now to read a bit before going to bed so that I really get up in the morning since I have to get in on time tomorrow.

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  1. Eh, I really need to make an effort to get into work at reasonable hours… then I can actually attempt to leave at a reasonable hour as well. Not that I do much different when I get home, but it’s a change of scenery 😉

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