6 thoughts on “77445”

  1. Take out your hostility by lighting some fires. There’s a possible deadlock issue, but the threads “police” and “firemen” are likely to interrupt you before you reach deadlock.

  2. From what I understand, the libgasoline library will help you
    obtain deadlock before the “police” and “fireman” threads wake up. Just be
    sure to apply the pour() and light() methods on yourself to get a “clean break”.

  3. just head home and work from there – you can ignore bugzilla entries just as effectively from either location (like adrian’s ignoring my bug 64744 even after I make a breakthrough and track down the offending code.. adrian just hates me, though 🙂

  4. But I had just gotten here 😉 Oh well, it stopped. I’m thinking tomorrow might well be a work from home day, though.

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