Had my only exam this morning, in music literature. Now, the last day of class, the professor had said that our exam would be at 9 instead of 8, but then he didn't say anything of the sort during the review session or in his mail with information on the exam, so I showed up at 8. The professor finally showed up about 9:20. He then had to go find the course evaluations which he brought down, so we started on them around 9:30. So, we finally got started on the exam at about 10 til 10. Then, a fairly confusing session of matching due to just the randomness with which it was all arranged, a couple of essays, and I was done. I figure chances are about 50/50 he won't even look at them since he has to have grades in Wednesday at noon 🙂

Went to work. Got more bombshells of even less time for this cycle than we thought. Sighed, and went back to getting rpm 4.1 fun built to play with and start poking at the code of. Got distracted and decided to upgrade my workstation to GNOME 2, now all of the machines I use are running it and I can at least deal with the bogons. Left work at a reasonable time (it was still light out! 🙂

Went to run some errands and finally broke down and got the Baldur's Gate game for PS2 along with some books. Not a bad game… I'm sure I'll waste entirely too much time playing it until I beat it. Not necessarily a terrible thing. And now, I think I'm going to go read a little before hitting the sack so that I can wake up early tomorrow and make it in to work in time to get something done in the morning.

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  1. I’m fairly certain that it’s Thursday by noon (Handbook for Teachers indicated that for exams taken on the last day, the grades are due on the second day after by noon)

  2. Very true. I hate finals where you know the instructor isn’t really going to look at it. It’s such a waste to put in studying effort for it.

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