Probably should have worked on some of the stuff I need to do for my music lit class today, but I was a lazy bum instead for the most part. Spent the afternoon upgrading my gnome2 setup and then improving my fonts since vte is fairly dependent on having a sane xft setup. I really wish there were some good freely redistributable fonts available.

Then, went and grabbed dinner. Went by Best Buy and thought about getting the Baldur's Gate PS2 game again, and again didn't get it. Went to Barnes and Noble and failed to find any interesting looking books to read. So, came home and just flipped through channels for a while and watched Saturday Night Live, which really wasn't all that good.

Now I've started trying to build gstreamer again so that I can build rhythmbox and see if it's doing any better these days. Unfortunately, I'm afraid that gstreamer might be the weakest link there. Oh well, I'll tweak for a short bit longer and then head to bed so that I can hopefully wake up at a relatively early hour tomorrow and avoid completely screwing my sleep schedule this weekend.

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  1. I’m more into Borders than B&N if only because of the discrimination policies outlined on their employment applications, but that’s neither here nor there.

    What kind of books are you looking for? I can recommend a few good Carlin, Crichton, Vonnegut books… Also some geek books of various kinds, from “In Search of the Indo-Europeans” to “Linkers and Loaders” or “UNIX Internals”… And of course everyone needs their own copy of Pierce’s “The Devil’s Dictionary”.

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