In other fun, I've been thinking about getting a new desktop box for at home for a few months now, but the more I think about it, the less useful I think it is. I managed to do a number on my desktop doing an upgrade the other night (upgrading various random rawhide snapshot bits that never were meant to go together just isn't the best idea in the world 😉 and have just had it turned off since. The quiet is nice and I don't really miss having my desktop since I do pretty much everything on my laptop anyway.

The only thing that would be nice would be having a machine with more hard drive space and to hook up some sort of web music playing interface up to somehow. But if I decide to do that, I can really just use my p200… it's a bit quieter than my desktop. And a test box is a bit redundant when my test box is so slow and work is so close.

One thought on “72743”

  1. I keep doing the same thing “I should buy a new home
    machine!” then realizing I dont actually use my
    home machine for anything.

    I dont even really ever use it even for work
    stuff anymore, asside from reading mail and
    ssh. I hardly ever compile/build anything at
    home these days, I’m not a gamer, etc. No
    real point in getting a faster machine.

    I might just wait it out till this one dies…
    It’s a abit bp6 with 2×433, so it’s already lived
    longer than most of it’s brethren… The 650
    some odd megs of ram tends to help though…

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