Went to see Spiderman last night (along with the rest of the civilized world, I'm convinced… of the 20 screens at Crossroads 20, 7 were showing Spiderman 🙂 I thought it was very good. Kind of impressive how well the comic to movie conversions are doing recently, then again, you have the advantage of working from a decent story and we're finally to the point where costume design and effects can do the story justice.

Also picked up tickets for the midnight Star Wars show in a week and a half. Perhaps it will suck, but I have to see it. And realistically, looking back at the first three movies, they sucked pretty hard too.

Anyway, off to dinner. Mmmm….

One thought on “72321”

  1. Heretic!

    Star Wars may have had some….issues,
    but Empire was a CLASSIC MOVIE story
    rife with hand-chopping and midget mentors!
    If he had only hired Adam West
    to be Admiral Ozzel instead of the goober they
    got, it would have been perfect.

    Jedi however, was a farce, considering
    Lucas only had enough money to cast 10 8-foot tall
    actors and instead opted for 20 4-foot tall ones.
    If only they had killed more Ewoks, then the movie
    may have recovered, but….alas, poor Death Star,
    we knew it well.

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