Been a long day.

Woke up at entirely-too-early-thirty to make it to campus by 8 am for acceptance testing of the senior design project. Got there, dealt with that, it went pretty well. For some reason, this technically simple app is really impressing too many people.

Went to class, then to work. Proceeded to see that the thread from hell had been revived. Managed to avoid replying. Went to lunch. Verified that driver disks work. Again. Some people are idiots.

Went to Posters and Pies. About as exciting as a brick wall. Another checkmark, though.

Went to game design presentation, slightly worried about whether or not our demo would actually work. Luckily, it worked on Joe's laptop and it seemed that the professor wasn't completely underwhelmed by it and even somewhat impressed by parts. We'll see what happens there. At least it's done.

Came home with the intention of working on the senior design user guide stuff. Instead, proceeded to reply on the thread from hell. Then went through bugzilla a bit. And now it's 2 am. I think the user guide can wait.