Got some good stuff done today I think.

Went to game design this morning, did course evals. Always fun. Then went by the bank to deposit my tax refund + birthday money. Proceeded to main campus to read through my email before doing a presentation about the happy fun senior design project. Only 3 more days of that particular hell left. Presentation went well, though, and I think that we do at least have a decent product on the surface. Wandered over to work just in time for lunch and then spent a while this afternoon just doing some thinking and planning which was nice.

Came home this evening, worked on senior design poster some. Then, worked on my game design stuff. It's actually now at the point where I can say there's at least something showing the damage reduction, even if it doesn't look all that great. It's better than what was there before, though, at least.

And now, I think I'm going to go read for a bit before heading to bed. Oh, also spent some time while waiting for the UT mod to build looking at motherboards… I think it's time to upgrade my poor aging desktop and the athlon 1800+ looks pretty nice at this point. Remarkably inexpensive as well, although I will be recycling a bit which will help.

3 more days of classes…