I feel like a broken record since I once again didn't get as much done this weekend as I would have liked. Got a reasonable amount done, though, I guess.

Spent a while this evening working on my game design project. It's quite frustrating, though, because I can grep through the available UT code for hours and google for stuff without any luck in actually finding what I need to be able to get the effect I want. I guess if I don't get it working, I don't get it working. Which would suck, but oh well. I think that has to be wrapped up Wednesday evening or night.

Got a reasonable amount done on senior design, though, I guess. Cleaned up the documents which needed some minor edits. Also went through and fixed a plethora of little inconsistencies in the UI that cheryl found yesterday. And worked on the bits for the poster part of posters and pies as well.

Didn't get anything done on my silly little music literature journal entries. I wonder when those are actually due… either Thursday or the exam, but I have no clue which. I guess I'll probably try to have them done on Thursday just so that I can basically be done on Thursday if nothing else. It's not like they'll really be all that taxing to do, and worst case, hey, I've already proven I can go without sleep recently 😉

Four more days… I can do it, right? Amazing to think that I'll actually have weekends to work on what I want to do soon instead of continously having to use them for bullshit I'd rather not do. Woohoo!