6 thoughts on “70077”

  1. That works. There’s actually a good number of trails in the area for biking that I plan on checking out once I get back into things a bit better. But to get back to where 10-15 mile trail rides are comfortable, I probably need to get back to riding 20-30 road miles regularly. And six sucked today. :/

  2. Well, a point of advice: check those tires.
    I had a real hard time riding all of Chapel Hill
    until I changed out the tires on my bike. I was
    running out of energy when I was getting about ten
    miles out, because I had expended enough energy to
    ride twenty.

  3. Oh yeah, already taken care of that bit 🙂 It’s just more of a “I’m really badly out of shape” than anything right now.

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