Eventually got motivated to work for a bit. Didn't manage to actually make any useful progress, though. It's very frustrating trying to get things working in UT since it's virtually completely undocumented. Oh well, if it doesn't work, I'll just have to say that my bits haven't worked and that an alternate plan of doing it may be needed since both of the ways I've tried doing it so far have been unsuccessful. Suck.

Otherwise, went by a bike shop this afternoon to look into how much it would cost me to get what I need to fix up my bike. I think that starting to ride again would be a good thing and it appears that there are a) a couple of decent clubs that organize group rides in the area and b) some decent trails as well. I got out of ever biking when I went to S&M and just didn't have any time for it. Shouldn't be too bad and actually my parents may end up paying for it for my birthday, which would obviously be even cheaper 😉

Now, let's see if I can get up at a reasonable hour tomorrow.