Blah. Spent entirely too long working on senior design today :/ Oh well, I guess I got a lot done. Fought with Java a lot more than I should have had to, though. It's really frustrating to work with, because on the one hand, it's supposed to be a higher-level language with some real object primitives to make your life easier but then at the same time, it has entirely too many hang-overs from trying to be like C or C++. Every time I start trying to think about things one way, I get hit by a counter-assumption making me think about them in the opposite way.

In between getting frustrated with that, I've also managed to start up a reasonable conversation with the GRUB maintainer. It seems he is also interested in getting graphical support properly into GRUB, but more for handling i18n than pretty graphics on boot. This makes a bit of sense to me so I now have some fun questions for Owen tomorrow at work since my knowledge about things like Arabic and Indic character sets is slim 😉 I've also brought up the subject of changing the default upstream config file from menu.lst and given him some reasons as to why changing it would help users. I'd really like to get to the point where the GRUB packages in Red Hat Linux don't diverge as much from the upstream sources as they do now. It really doesn't benefit anyone, as its a lot more maintenance work for me, doesn't endear me to the upstream maintainer, and gets users turned away when they have questions due to working from a heavily patched version :/ I think the last is the worst, really. But, I think I might have made some good progress. Just need to go back and forth some more. And then get some time put into the schedule for me to work on GRUB during the next release cycle. I also think I've figured out the way to handle booting from software RAID in GRUB, but I need to add the support to both anaconda and grub-install for it to really be worthwhile. Which will end up with me doing some other bits of cleanup in grub-install.

And now, I think I should head to bed