Ugh, I hate my allergies. My sinuses have been quite bad all day today. Take sudafed, an hour later, things are fine for about an hour and then they return to being hellish. Not very conducive to getting a lot of work done, unfortunatley :/

Got a little bit done today. Did some of the document crap for senior design. I should finish making question editing work before I go to bed, but I think I'll go to bed “early” and maybe wake up at a reasonable time tomorrow and work on it then. Also did some looking around for some new energy weapons for the UT mod for my game design class without much luck. Most of the UT mods out there with custom weapons tend to be going for having more realism and that implies not having energy weapons, not the other way around.

Sort of looked at bugzilla through the day. Amazing that in the past 24 or so hours, there have been more things filed than in the previous 3 or so days. None of them are really all that interesting, though… mostly they look to be bad CDs. The best one, though, is the guy with a broken floppy drive who says that he “can't be bothered to do anything with the traceback”. It's really tempting to reply with “then I can't be bothered to fix it”, but I won't. I'm tempted to believe that it's bad hardware causing all of the problems but it's always hard to say for certain.

The other bit of fun is that I need to switch my cell phone service at some point in the near-ish future as my parents are dropping Sprint (because Sprint *really* sucks these days) and so I won't be on their plan anymore. It seems Cingular is the best provider in the area, but finding a phone is a little bit more tricky. I can't decide if I really care about WAP or not… on the one hand, it's probably a fun gimmick. On the other hand, I doubt that its very useful.

Oh well, off to bed I think