So, what all have I done this weekend…

Friday evening, I sat around talking with Garrett and Alex about some things to think about doing to make the desktop experience a lot better. Then we noticed it was 9:30 and decided to go grab some food. Came home, didn't do much of anything useful that I remember.

Saturday, woke up too late again and eventually motivated myself to start doing some work. Took care of some miscellaneous crap for my senior design project. Hate … that… class. Then, went to 's housewarming party. Fun was had, especially as it's always amusing to watch other people get really drunk šŸ˜›

Today, woke up with much complaints due to the evil time change and had a group meeting for my game design class. Came up with a plan of action for getting a lot of the rest of the things we want to get done. Must find time to work on that some this week somehow. Then, ran out to Petsmart to get some cat litter, and a cat brush. Also ran into the various cellular phone places to do a little bit of research on the subject as I am definitely switching away from Sprint by mid-May when my year contract is up. Came home, cleaned up a bit to avoid working and then made dinner. After that, went back to the salt mines on the stupid senior design project… Java and I don't generally get along, Swing and I get along even less.

Now, it's 1 am and I'm trying to decide if I should go to bed “early” to try to help adjust to being sprung forward or do a little bit more work.

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