Woke up late this morning as my allergies were bothering me when I first woke up. Didn't have to go to class this morning, so it didn't matter much.

Got into work and fixed a fair amount of bugs. Buglist shrinking is a good thing. Then, at 's suggestion, I joined , , and megan for the hurricanes game. It was my first time to actually go to the ESA, much less a Hurricanes game. Fairly impressive facility. Had a pretty good time and managed to avoid working for a while, which I probably needed to do.

Came home and fixed something for the guys in APAC since they needed it done asap and I was up and working on things. Then started building the gnome2 library stack again as packages since I want to get back to work on gtk2 anaconda again and Havoc is at GUADEC and thus is unable to build packages. It's actually really not that bad to do; packaging is a pretty mechanical task. I need to put together some nice happy macros, though, so that we can toggle whether the packages are built with full symbols. 'Twould be handy for getting full backtraces when we run into problems which is pretty much invaluable.

Now, I should probably head toward bed as going to class tomorrow would be a good thing ™.