After a fairly relaxing weekend of not doing too much work, I'm actually going into the week marginally ahead of the game on things.

  • I've looked through most of the bugs which have come in over the weekend against anaconda and responded to the ones needing responses
  • I've gotten all of my NEW bugs into other states
  • I already have my status report mostly written, just need to make sure there's not anything else to add to it tomorrow
  • The only assignment I have for a class which has a due date of this week (game design demo day), I have something up and running for. A couple of minor things which if I get time to look at tomorrow, great… if not, well, we have something which is working.
  • Most of a what ended up being a minor anaconda RFE is done and almost ready to be committed

Update:: But I need to fill out a time log / peer evals for senior design by Tuesday; luckily that doesn't tend to take that long.

Perhaps this can be a productive week in which I'm not just trying to keep up all week.