Didn't get nearly enough of what I wanted to get done at work today due to a variety of other things that had to be done asap. Then, rapidly hacked together Java in the evening for 492. Then rapidly wrote a paper.

Maybe I just always need deadlines less than 24 hours ahead to get me to work these days. It's kind of frustrating… I used to actually actively work on assignments and other things in advance of their being due. This probably led to higher quality work and less stress to deal with. But at some point I can't quite pinpoint, that changed. If I had to guess, it was probably at some point while I was at S&M, but even so, I worked in advance of deadlines a fair amount even then, although that was probably the beginning of my procrastinating on everything. If anything, its gotten worse with the mind-numbingly boring work I have to do for classes at NCSU instead of better.

26 more days of classes… but who's counting?

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