Productive day… I wonder how long I can actually manage to keep up the levels of productivity I had today.

Got quite a bit done on the project from Hell my 492 project. Still have a fair amount to do tomorrow, though. I also got probably about half of my paper written for Music Literature that's due on Tuesday. Shouldn't take me too much longer to actually finish that up; just need to listen to a couple of selections and spew some more bullshit. Kramer is pretty easy to please with paper-type things anyway.

Didn't get any work done on my game design project, though… unfortunately. And as I continue not getting anything done on that, the chances of me going back to Hickory for next weekend decrease dramatically — I finally have something of a devel environment to work on that, but it really requires two machines to effectively work. Which is something I don't have if I go to my parents. We'll see… maybe I'll get lucky and be able to work on that a lot later in the week and then still be able to. Somehow, I doubt it. C'est la vie