Now that I spent a while this afternoon working on convincing the UT development stuff to work under Linux (thus far, unsuccessfully :/), going to dinner, replying to email, and looking through bugzilla, I guess I should work on senior design some for real.

I hate Java, I hate swing, and I hate gui design. Bleah.

2 thoughts on “54431”

  1. 1) let nitin talk you into some SWT lovin’ 🙂
    2) if you’re going to do swing gui, don’t leave home without an IDE with a gui builder 🙂

    the nice thing about vaj, for instance, is that it’s good with using existing code, so it should be a good choice to bring in to an existing, slightly broken situation and have it help fix up the code. If it’s there to start you’ll get lotsa ivj_* vars and stuff which could be an issue depending on who’s gonna be checking your source for originality 🙂

  2. I’m actually using forte to get most of the GUI code going to begin with because I really don’t care to remember most of the minutiae of Swing. Even so, it’s painful and the code looks like crap so I end up spending a little while making it prettier and easier to deal with. Oh, and switch to using a real editor instead of the crap that ends up in IDEs.

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