Wow, the week has gone by fast. So nice not having classes or thinking about them.

Got a lot done at work this week. A whole lot. Whic is good, because there was a lot needing doing. Jeff built RPM packages this afternoon that have patches for the new callbacks I need so that anaconda can tell you when there are problems installing packages (mental note: send my sample code that takes advantage of this tomorrow). Also fixed a lot of random-ass bugs and feature requests that have been open for a while.

Went to see Ice Age tonight. And, to be blunt, it sucked. If you've seen the trailer, you've seen the best part of the movie. The animation was just so-so compared to other recent animated flicks. The story was extremely simplistic. The jokes weren't even that funny for the most part. A waste of an hour and a half of my life. Oh well, at least I spent some time not working this evening. Also picked up the Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back DVD, so watched that and some of the deleted scenes afterwards… much better 🙂

Tomorrow, I probably need to work some on things for classes at some point since I've yet to do so this week and I have a fair bit to get done for the upcoming week. And I also need to start thinking about my presentation for LUG on Tuesday that I had forgotten all about until just now. Then, tomorrow night is and 's housewarming party which should be fun. Tnen more working on Sunday I think. Hopefully I can find some time at some point this weekend to poke at making the evolution defaults nicer for Red Hat Linux as well since I started having some thoughts on that last night at work.

Only about another month and a half of juggling two things which are both nearly full-time… once I get through that, I'm home free.

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