Not a bad day… got the usual Monday stuff done… status report, email catchup, bugzilla catchup. Then fixed another nit in checkbootloader for . Hopefully that code should have all the known bugs fixed now. Came to the realization that I'm going to have to write a bit more code before the next deadline to get something to work as people would expect… came up with a reasonable idea of how it needs to work, just need to implement it tomorrow now. Fixed up some other latent anaconda bugs that were kind of small (well, fixing isys.loadKeymap wasn't small, I just had it mostly done).

Major bits which need to be prioritized tomorrow.

  • Thing I figured out this afternoon. Ugh, hopefully I can get that done tomorrow morning + early afternoon. Not too terribly technically difficult and I have most of the code for it in various places, I just want to avoid having to make huge changes at this point.
  • RPM callback. Hopefully tomorrow late afternoon/evening. Need to probably go talk to jbj at some point about some preferred semantics for implementation. I'm sure that will be a fun conversation, as usual.

But, to sleep now. Then I can hopefully get up early tomorrow and go look in on and 's cats before I head to work.

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  1. re: rpm callbacks

    Just make sure you get stuff in there for all those “ooops, rpm
    cant install that package, I’ll silently keep going with no
    indication of failure!” issues.

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