The weather variations we've been having are really pulling a number on my sinuses. At least I'm feeling better now than I was when I first woke up this morning.

Not much accomplished at work today. Did get new hardware, though.. it will be nice to be able to burn CDs myself to test things instead of having to get someone else to do so. Also, looked at some of the bootloader check related bugs that had been piling up for me. Nothing too terribly bad, just one that was much harder than it initially seemed. Deceptively so, even. Also got a minor patch for a few minor nitpicks with the loader, but nothing major.

Spent part of the day dealing with First Citizen's Bank. They've managed to lose my check reorder now a total of three times. This is really the last straw, as much of a pain in the ass as it is to switch banks. Watched the teller actually call and put in the check order this time. Maybe they'll actually not screw it up, we'll see.

Then spent the evening dealing with senior design. Again.

Must keep telling self, 60 more calendar days… actually, I guess 59 now. And only about 37 or so of those are actual days where I have classes.

Spring break is next week, so what am I doing? Staying in Raleigh and working. Hopefully I'll find some time in the evenings to sit down and start working on the presentation program I keep thinking about writing. The lack of a good GNOME based presentation program is an annoyance which has bothered me for several years now. I like magicpoint just fine, but it just doesn't seem to flow for a lot of people. And magicpoint's quirks have been known to get in my way in the past as well. It's at least worth toying with for a while and see what sort of progress I can make with it. If it doesn't work out well, oh well, I will have learned something. If it does, then hey, I win a presentation program that works for me out of it. Also should probably spend some time getting auroraconda up and running. It really shouldn't take that long, the big problems stem from my relative lack of hardware and the lack of any real infrastructure to get things up and running faster. Maybe there just needs to be an aurora-hack at 's place 😉

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  1. Hey! I’m all up for an aurora-hack at spot’s place. Of course… I don’t know if I have any useful hacking abilities, but I can make food runs (all the way into the kitchen) and keep people supplied with caffiene, munchies, and entertainment.

  2. If strandist wants to make food runs a bit further than the kitchen, I’m willing to provide a bit of fundage for that. Although I probably won’t be aurora-ing much, I can hack on Current, since it’ll be used with Aurora. 😛

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