More of the same, more of the same. Spent entirely too long this afternoon chasing the tail of things which should have been done and gone months ago. *sigh*

Then, my dad and uncle were in the Triangle for a conference and so came out to Raleigh to have dinner. Went to Thai Villa which was, as usual, very good. Then, went back by the office and gave them the nickel tour. I think they were impressed… if nothing else, the new office *is* impressive. And I actually kind of like it in some ways because I do think that it will let me be more productive. Still need a little bit more adjustment to it though.

Anyway, came home and screwed around with 492 from then until not long ago. I hate micromanagement. And I think it's worse when I'm being forced to micromanage myself. Bleah. Must continue to tell myself that it's only 2.5 more months of this nonsense

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