I'm in a list mood today… dunno why exactly, but I am, so instead of knocking it, I'll act on it. Maybe it will help me to be more organized tomorrow and really be able to get all that I want to get done done. Especially as it's not an extremely unreasonable list.

Accomplishments for the Day:

  • Replied to email
  • Sent weekly status report
  • Caught up on bugzilla
  • Got some piddly crap out of the way that was just annoying and time-consuming
  • Got kickstart parsing %pre early to allow for %include

Plans for Tomorrow:

  • Get in touch with a few upstream maintainers about a few issues that have been reported and to gauge their expected release schedules to decide if I need to consider pulling patches from CVS or waiting for new releases
  • Look into Tim Waugh's evo importer bug
  • Get lilo -R'ish patch into grub package
  • Finish %include for kickstart
  • Start on new rpm callback for cpio errors
  • Get some basic damage reduction working in UT for the mod for my game design class
  • Finish up UI mockups for senior design project

Got a lot today, even though I didn't quite get everything I wanted to done. Hopefully I can make even better progress tomorrow. Bed time now, though.