So, what did I do this weekend…

Friday night I left work at a reasonable hour, went by Petsmart to pick up some cat food for Marshall, looked around in Border's for a new book to read without much success, came home, played FFX for a while, and then read a little bit in the Cat Who… book that I had forgotten my mom had brought up last weekend when she was up here.

Saturday was the installfest. Pretty low turnout again, but there were a few people whom we helped out. Had lunch at El Rodeo, which although the food was better than it used to be, it's not nearly as good as Bandito's. That's one place I will miss eating lunch now that Red Hat has moved.

Saturday evening, came home, finished reading the book, and played some more FFX.

Today, slept in late, decided to make chili for dinner, ate it. It was really good. Then proceeded to work on stupid Senior Design crap for a while. Although annoying, I did make good progress on the new and improved user interfaces. I still really dislike writing things in Java.

Now, I have an abiword 0.99.2 package building. Guess I'll see if it succeeds in the morning. I want to sit down at some point and actually get an abiword package building with all of the associated plugins that are now available, because there are some really neat ones that we don't distribute in our packages. Wouldn't be nearly so bad if abiword didn't take so long to build and have such a strange build process.

Should have gotten more done, but I didn't. C'est la vie. At least I've caught up on sleep somewhat. I'm probably going to need it for the week ahead.

4 thoughts on “50515”

  1. You’re still my daddy. And next time you cook chili (or anything else for that matter), bing me and I’ll stop at the store on my way, or help cook, or help eat, or provide entertainment for the meal with my witty “Your Mother” jokes. Or heck, why not all of the above?

  2. To the first, well their build system is unique. They don’t use autoconf like the rest of the world, they have their own magic diving makefiles controlled by options like ABI_OPT_DEBUG. But the abiword-plugins stuff uses autoconf. Makes for tons of fun trying to do stuff.

    As to dropping packages on people… when they work, sure. Right now, I just get a segfault in their font handling code. And gdb is reaaallll unhelpful when you combine c++ with threads with shared libs and explicit dlopen() calls. 🙂

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