6 thoughts on “46288”

  1. Re: that’s not true!

    the set of bad coders has a subset that includes all programmers named Hans, but the subset relationship doesn’t work in the other direction lest the sets be equal, and guys like Raster break that case 😉

    I blame it all on that character from Die Hard, though

  2. ya know, i’ve always thought it would be cute for there to be an external wiki (maybe on people, maybe not – bero could host it 😉 where developers (rh only or not) could post little tidbits of “here’s the horrible nasty thing I had to deal with”. Hell, you could post any cute “tricks” that helped out, and while the site could mainly be used for humor, on occasion it could help out other people in similar situations and/or provide insight or ideas to others.

    Bleah, I need to wake up 🙂

  3. But gdb is a python module developer’s best friend 🙂

    However, I know that hacking pygtk is taking way to much of your time from other stuff 🙁

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