Had a pretty good weekend as weekends go I guess.

Saturday was the installfest. There was a decent turn-out. Not great, but okay. Then, after we had done our deed installing for the day, we decided we needed to waste some time before going to dinner and then to see a movie. The decided activity was bowling. Now, my first score wasn't too bad as far as my bowling scores go being around 60-ish. The second game I did much closer to my normal bowling score, though, with a score of about 35 or so. Woohoo! Yeah, bowling is not my sport 🙂 After bowling, hit Salsa Fresh for dinner which was pretty good as usual… I need to try some different things there, though I think. Then, we went to see The Count of Monte Cristo which I personally thought was very well done. It's been quite a while, though, since I've read the book so the inconsistencies couldn't/didn't really bother me.

Today, woke up a bit later, went out to pick up some more food for Marshall and decided to drop in Borders. Almost bought a copy of The Count of Monte Cristo to reread but decided that going to a used book store sometime this week was a better plan for that. Also thinking about getting a copy of Crime and Punishment to read while I'm at it. I'm having a really hard time finding sci-fi/fantasy right now that looks interesting, so I think I'm going to go back to reading some more literature-ish things for a while.

Worked on silly senior design stuff for way too long this afternoon, then worked on some work stuff a little this evening and rounded out the day with some Final Fantasy X.

And now, I think I'm going to read a little bit before hitting the sack. It's going to be a looonnggggg week.