Got grub parsing mem= lines on the kernel command line to more correctly load the initrd if you pass mem= to the kernel. In fact, it uses some of the code from the kernel. Of course, it took me entirely too long to notice that it wasn't working because I wasn't passing around the string minus the leading mem=… oops. Doing a reboot, scp package, run grub-install, reboot cycle takes a bit too long for my taste.

Installfest is tomorrow, and as I was up entirely too late last night, I think I'm going to turn in a bit early tonight.


One thought on “45635”

  1. Y’know it’s times like this when VMWare is *REALLY* useful. I can write & compile code on the host, and mount /src or /home or whatever on the Guest OS. Reboot that, and do other things while I wait for it *grin*

    Too bad Plex86 and Bochs aren’t far enough along to use. OTOH, both are slower than VMWare…

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