I had doubted, but evolution's pilot syncing is quite nice.

I think I need definitely another cradle for work and maybe a cable for my laptop too… 😉 Now to figure out a good place to actually get an extra cradle for a Visor Deluxe without paying through the nose for it.

2 thoughts on “43885”

  1. Told you. *grin*

    I’m actually just going to buy a “travel cable” for my Edge and put it in my work bag. That way, when I need it, I’ll have it, where I need it. And since3 they gave me $10 off at the store for registering my new Edge, it’s $10 plus shipping.

    Hell, if IRSync wheren’s a bitch, I’d just do that to the laptop, but…

  2. Ahh… good point. Hadn’t thought of that. That’ll work at least as an initial solution. If it annoys me, then I’ll probably head to ebay I guess 🙂

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