Not a bad day in general I guess, though a little annoying at times.

Class this morning wasn't bad, talked about the history of video games 🙂 Then went to work, tried getting a little done, went to lunch, came back, tried getting more done. Finally decided to take my laptop and sit a little out of the way to try to avoid being distracted. Just as I was getting into what I was working on, someone came over and asked me to look at a traceback. *sigh*. Fixed and took care of other fires that decided to crop up around then. Finally after everyone left, I sat down and really got the code mostly done. Hoo-ray!

Then, went to Gypsy's for dinner with nalin and msw (since it was 10:30 by this point).

Came home, and got annoyed at the NCSU imap servers again…

Basically, I'd really like to use evolution for handling my campus mail. But the campus IMAP servers don't do proper handshaking and so you have to explicitly hack in options for disabling the TLSv1 protocol in your SSL connection. Now, doing this from libnss3 (which evolution uses as its SSL backend) was not at all obvious to me from poking through the libnss3 code. Plus, it's not the right “general” solution and I'd rather not have something like that in our packages.

Stunnel, on the other hand, is much smaller and uses OpenSSL which I at least know how to turn off the protocol with. So, 15 or so minutes later (duh, I was being dumb in my stunnel usage), I have a package that works nicely and just completely disables any use of TLSv1, but c'est la vie. It's not like I really use stunnel for anything on any of my boxes in general 🙂


This allows me to actually use the following script so that I can set up my evolution to connect to localhost:10003 for my campus IMAP connection (no ssl) and get connected properly and encrypted except over the loopback device.


if [ ! -f /home/katzj/evolution/stunnel.pid ]; then
   /usr/sbin/stunnel -c -d 10003 -r uni01map.unity.ncsu.edu:imaps 
      -P /home/katzj/evolution/stunnel.pid
kill `cat /home/katzj/evolution/stunnel.pid`

I'm really really getting tired of hacking around this brokenness. But at this point, I realize that they're never going to fix it no matter how much I bitch so I might as well make it not affect me.

*yawn* and now I should get to bed I guess since it's 3am.