Hrmm… 2002 really doesn't feel any different than 2001. As pointed out, this is the last palindromic year, most of us can expect to see… even so, we should consider ourselves lucky as we've seen two (1991 and 2002).

Got a good bit done today, moving back into the development mindset. Which is good. Have a lot to do and not nearly enough time to do it in. But damn it, we're miracle workers, so we'll make it. Somehow. Sleep is for the weak and all that. Back to work tomorrow… we'll see how I do as far as getting things done in comparison to how I've done while not at work.

Went to see A Beautiful Mind this evening and really enjoyed it. Although some of the dialogue seemed contrived, it was very well done. I'll tastefully hide more so that I don't spoil it for anyone 🙂

Schizophrenia is really not an easy thing to express on screen as it's not really something that people have a lot of experience with first-hand and it's also not something that has a lot of physical manifestations. Films about mental illness in general are difficult and there really aren't many which have done a good job of pulling it off. I think that ABM did one of the best jobs of it that I've seen.

I was also, once again, very impressed by Jennifer Connelly's performance. She did a very good job of balancing Crowe and making it clear how hard something like that is to deal with.

I do still need to go see Amelie, though and am looking forward to Gosford Park as well. I really should watch more independent films and less of the mainstream crap that comes out of Hollywood.

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  1. The funny thing is that our 1991 annual @ NCSSM did a “through the looking glass” theme with the 1991 year and I didn’t appreciate at the time how rare palindrome years are 🙂

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