so I'm at my parents' now and already utterly bored.

the “interesting” thing is that they have full digital cable with the tons of channels… and this doesn't seem to really improve the available selection of things to watch on tv. lots and lots of crap but very little that's any good.

spent a short while this evening looking at gnutls. it actually appears to be reasonably well documented. what a change from the other ssl libraries out there. of course, it doesn't have a stable api yet. and I don't know anything about how well it actually works. Guess I'll have to build packages and play with it a little over the next few days. If it at all works well, I think I might have to look into writing a backend for evolution (well libcamel) to use it as opposed to libnss3.

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    yeah, yeah… I just didn’t want to do something that felt like work yesterday… and anaconda would 😛

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