I think that I've lost what little sanity I once had.

GNOME 2 is moderately up and running on my desktop now. I'm having to use gnome-terminal from GNOME 1.4 at the moment because the one in 2.0 doesn't handle applying it's preferences properly so it's color settings don't quite work very well for me, but that should be fixable. I've also managed to crash the panel a few times. Nothing too terrible, though. And I now have a base to work on things from.

What am I getting myself into here? πŸ™‚

Update: to which the obvious solution is to copy my old gnome-terminal preferences over. With that, I'm now using gnome-terminal2 also (though it's not much different). I need to work on making the colors I compiled into profterm better I think.

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  1. I’m not using all of gnome, ’cause I hate sawfish. I just added he panel to my .Xclients-default (just before blackbox *grin*), and use that. Much nicer in gnome 2 than 1. Evolution rules. Moz/Galeon are still a little flakey, but it’s better than NS4.7x.

    Now, How to get gnome 2 in up2date? *smirk*

  2. Galeon doesn’t seem to like something about gconfd-2 so I’m using mozilla at the moment for the first time in six months or so. XUL seems to be much less of a bottleneck now than it used to be.

    The base built without much hacking on my part… that’s a good first step. I’m still crashing things pretty easily, but that’s expected. Hopefully, it will only take about two months to stabilize and get the rest of the necessary bits up.

  3. Cool. I’ve been seeing wierd things with dns lookups in moz/galeon that *NOBODY* else reports, so I’m thinking it’s my ISDN router. For example :

    Load site A in a tab. Load site b in second tab. type address into tab A while tab B is loading, tab A gives 404 error from tab B’s server.

    I *THINK* that’s it. It’s like the browser get locked onto one server, no matter what bookmark I use or host I type into the location bar.

    Wack. And since it only happens with moz/galeon, I’m fairly sure it’s not the IP stack.

  4. gnomehide isn’t likely to contain the actual desktop parts for a little longer yet. bug reports on pre-alpha software from people who aren’t willing to fix it themselves just aren’t worth the pain πŸ™‚

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