A quiet lazy weekend for the most part

Friday night, grabbed dinner with crutcher, msw and leah and then went to see harry potter finally. I though it was pretty good. Best acted characters were (imo) Snape, Hermione, and Hagrid. The most disappointing part was probably Dumbledore; he just didn't give off the air I expected.

In the many previews before the movie I finally saw the FOTR trailer. Now to find out if there will be a midnight show and get tickets šŸ™‚

Yesterday, slept in a bit, then went and ran around to look at Intrex and CompUSA to get an idea of current pricing on computer stuff. I think I've decided that instead of putting together a machine to colocate, it's smarter to spend the money upgrading my desktop to a high-end Athlon so I can compile things faster and then send out my current box. In the evening, went to dinner with John, Jack, Michael, SPAM, and Sean to the Olive Garden which wasn't bad, then picked up History of the World, Part I to watch. After that, fixed a few Realm Kit bugs and finally went to bed.

Today I again slept in and then have spent most of the day since beating on evolution to get it to build against a static libnss built as part of the evolution build process. It's kind of nasty, but I think it's finally working. At an hour a build, though, it gets old pretty quick trying new things.

Now, I think I'm going to wander off to read for a bit before going to bed. I have a lot I'd like to get done this week….