Back in Raleigh now (and glad). Although my immediate family doesn't tend to annoy me, there were way too many other people around for it to be very relaxing. Having five/six year olds looking for you the whole time is very draining. I did get to spend some time playing SSX since it was a good way to occupy the little kids as well and it's actually quite a bit more fun once you play long enough to figure out what you're supposed to do 🙂

Didn't get much done while I was home… this is going to bite me in the ass this week I'm sure, but c'est la vie. I did resurrect my pilot (again) tonight to try out the synchronization stuff with evolution. It actually appears to work nicely. I just wonder how long I'll be able to go before my pilot fatal errors again. If it can get through the week, I'll be happy… then I'll probably be getting a Visor around Christmas-time so that I can continue to keep myself sane. And maybe I'll get an extra cradle to be able to sync at work as well. We'll see. Using the pilot to sync between evolutions could be… interesting to say the least.

Anyway, off to read for a short while before sleeping. Its going to be a looong week.