Hmm… I must be feeling the whole “need for change” thing that I get every few years. First off, I'm about halfway to completely switching mail clients from mutt to evolution. Evolution really is looking quite nice and it does have all of the features which I said that a GUI mail client would have to have for me to use it (and I came up with this list a year and a half ago and evolution is the first thing really to get there which just boggles *my* mind).

Now, I'm also looking at switching from using epic to using irssi as an irc client. There are some things I really like about it. The fact that it's config file doesn't remind me of tcl is kind of nice. It handles multiple connections better, has better logging facilities, and just doesn't have the amount of crack of being based off of a 10 year old code base brings along with it. Some of its handling of split windows still seems a bit weird to me though. I should be able to work through that, though, without any huge problems.

We'll see… fun experiments to try to long-term make me work smarter not harder. Or something like that.