GRRRR… stupid proxy server from cable company at my parents' house makes logjam not work making me use the silly web entry. I really despise broken proxies…

Made it home without incident, although I headed out later than I wanted to. *shrug* so it goes.

Haven't done much since getting home really; helped my dad set some things up so that maybe he can start using Linux more, watched Memento again (you catch a lot more the second time through the movie… I'm now looking forward to watching it for a third πŸ™‚ and vegetated.

I would like to know how we've picked up some of the people we have on the LUG channel recently though… first there was Mike McGarrah (which is easy to figure out), then next is Ryan Linn (also pretty easy to guess), but the appearance of Daniel Vogel tonight has just weirded me out a little. Need to get that crazy German working on porting Epic's current stuff to Linux methinks πŸ˜›

Oh well, off to read a bit more and then head to bed I think. Tomorrow is yet another not busy day πŸ™‚