So, classes suck. Not much different from what I expected, but it's still somewhat disappointing. I had enterained the very unlikely hope that if I expected them to suck, the only direction they could go is up. Oh well. such is life and I'll get my piece of paper at the end of the tunnel, and go along on my merry way. Maybe I'll feel less disgusted with acadamia in a few years and go back to get an advanced degree. Who knows.

The s&m '99 reunion thingie that roshan threw together for today was quite interesting. Even with the rain, about 70 people showed up, which I felt was kind of impressive. Talked to a lot of people who I hadn't seen since graduation and realized again why I enjoyed science and math so much. Although it wasn't like I sat around and talked with a lot of these people on a regular basis, you could strike up conversations with them and have intelligent conversations with the most part. This doesn't mean that some of them couldn't be asses or jerks or idiots at times, or even that I agreed with their opinions on things all the time (or with some, even most of the time), but you could at least have a discussion. It also made me think back to most of my classes at s&m which were so far beyond my classes at state that it's not even funny. but am I bitter? …

oh well, I think I'll read a bit and then go to bed so I can wake up in the morning and try to make some progress on this massive pile of work I need to get done. busy work sucks }=

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  1. wonderful to hear that the 2.5 reunion was good–and not so wonderful that your classes are so blah–perhaps you should take ancient greek!

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