Long weekend.

Left on Friday afternoon to head up to DC to help out with the DCLUG installfest. Got there and did some setup tasks that evening. Personally, I think they try to be too organized, but that's just me talking. After that, went to dinner at a pizza place. Pretty good pizza actually. Went back to the hotel, read some and went to bed.

Woke up Saturday morning and headed back to USUHS for the actual installfest. Things started out quite slow and I was about to start just going through bugs in bugzilla when people started to hit things. Mostly just hit a few little kernel things and not really any major anaconda problems which was somewhat comforting. Someone did hit a bug that I had been unable to reproduce, though, so I was able to sit down, debug it, and fix it, much to both their and my delight I think. Went to a little French bistro for dinner, which I'll have to agree with spot that it was a bit overhyped. Then went down to Old Town Alexandria and wandered around there for a bit and decided to take an adventure and go through DC on the way back instead of around it. Somewhat of a mistake to do as our only map was a crappy tourist attraction map from the hotel lobby. Managed to get back without taking too much extra time though and went to bed.

Woke up this morning and headed into DC proper to wander around some of the Smithsonian museums for the afternoon. Saw two IMAX films (To Fly and SolarMax), wandered around the Air and Space Museum, looked at the Brain exhibit (which reminded me of a trade show with all of the people milling about in a small area with little booths), saw the Star Spangled Banner being restored, and went through the Information Age exhibit. Headed back, got stuck in traffic and finally got home around 11:15 and read through my email and glanced over stuff in bugzilla.

Overall, not a bad weekend. Now, I do believe it is time for bed though.