Busy, busy, busy… story of my life right now pretty much. Reasonable day at work, managed to get a fair bit of work towards tracking and fixing some bugs. Beating on RAID code is next on my list of things to do I think (for better or for worse).

LUG meeting went well. Although a professor had the room which Registration and Records scheduled us for (they really need to figure out ten week classes imnsho), he wasn't too badly annoyed. John's talk went well and there was an amazingly high turnout. Lots of new people too. Maybe worrying about finding people isn't going to be such a problem. Maybe the bigger thing is just finding better topics for speakers to speak on. I mean, there really isn't much that we can't find someone in our panel of experts to speak on. Food for thought as the fall approaches.

After LUG, went to dinner at Jack Astor's and had dinner and good conversation.

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  1. Problems finding topcis and speakers?

    Welcome to the club. We’ve not only found that finding topics is a problem – getting members to do the speaking (or even outsiders) can be problematic.

    I feel lucky that we (TriLUG) have had as many good talks as we have – I just wish it were more than the SC speaking 50% of the time….

  2. Re: Problems finding topcis and speakers?

    Our problem isn’t normally bad talks as much as “overly technical and confuse the crap out of non-newbie folks” šŸ™‚

  3. Re: Problems finding topcis and speakers?

    Our problem is, we end up with a lot of topics aimed more towards the new-er user, and not as much high-tech.

    OTOH, we’ve had some great mid-level presentations. The Networking-101 talk you attended was an exception to the rule – that was squarely aimed at new people. But you missed the Kylix component developer, Netraverse (and how it works), and the “Java on Linux” panel.

  4. Re: Problems finding topcis and speakers?

    *nod* I’m going to try to hit trilug meetings more now. Should be a lot easier now that I have transportation with the bigger problem just being getting away from work šŸ™‚

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