Bleah, didn't get much of anything done this weekend. Oh well, just means more to do during the week.

Went to see Tomb Raider on Friday and was not at all impressed. I didn't expect much which was a good thing because I would have been disappointed. Then eventually went over to Pam and Cheryl's and sat around and talked some, helped Pam with probabilty by trying to dig up remembering integrals and watched sci-fi.

Saturday, slept a lot of the day away. Then, straightened up around the apartment, ate dinner, and then made a trip to best buy. Bought some more dvds — Quills, Requium for a Dream, and Gattaca. All three of which are quite good in my opinion. watched Quills and Requium, then read over some of the flaming on the gnome lists. It's kind of sad, really… every time I consider actually doing work on gnome, something like this springs up =

Today was a wash. Sat around for a while on IRC, upgraded the bits on my laptop to the newest packages available, then went to Durham and ate dinner with Seth. Eventually came back, went to see the new kitty that Pam got, and am now sitting here debating doing more work or going to bed. I think I'm going to go for the bed option (maybe with some reading first). I think that at this point, I might as well just give productivity from this weekend up =)

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  1. out of random curiousity….

    was Quills a good enough movie to ignore random sex? Or does it not have random sex? I just read the back of the box (being as culturally ignorant as I am at the moment) and thought: hmm… not another holy smoke. So anyhoo, lemme know 🙂

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