Went to see Swordfish on Friday night. wasn't overly impressed by it, but also didn't feel cheated out of my money. If you're bored and there's nothing else on you'd rather see, go see it 😉

Yesterday, my parents came up in the afternoon and we went out to dinner. Then, went to Border's and got some more books. Came back, they left, and I sat down and read one of the books I bought. Also managed to get some Realm Kit bits that were needing to be done done before they got here.

I had decided that today I was going to sit down and make progress on tracking down the hangs that people are seeing with OpenAFS on SMP machines running Red Hat Linux 7.1. Since I know that the hang occurs in 2.4.2-2, I first started out with a stock 2.4.5 and a 2.4.5-ac12 kernel to see if I could replicate the hang with either of them to get a good base to diff from. No problems with either. Then, tested with the last 2.4.3-x based kernel, instant hang. Tried with the current rawhide kernel, instant hang. Tried with the current kernel from CVS, which is based off of ac12, and it instantly hangs. So, this is pointing more and more to the problem being something included in the Red Hat kernels. Nothing sticks out from my quickly looking through the patches but I figure I'll ask the kernel team tomorrow. I'd really like to get this tracked down and fixed just to stop the flood of questions about it.

Then, spent some time reading through some of the AFS programmer's reference. Docs written ten years ago that still are relatively accurate about the code they're describing are kind of eerie. There are some bits of AFS that are quite nice, but I wish that the client code wasn't the piece of shit that it is… the #ifdef mess present just really shouldn't be there. I'm considering just making a copy of the client code which is _just_ the code used by Linux clients using the 2.4 kernel so that I can see what I'm trying to work on more easily. That and going through all of the 2.4 changes with a fine toothed comb to see if there's anything else obviously stupid in them.

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