long week… lots to do, not nearly enough time to do it. enough said =)

tonight was a bit on the strange side. per a suggestion of spot mid-afternoon, decided that going to dulug geek feed would be a good distraction for a little while, so headed to satisfactions but didn't get there until about 7:30 at which point the dulug folks had left. so ate mexican instead.

then, in an effort to waste time not knowing whether or not someone needed to do anything with regards to picking jack up at the airport, dropped by science and math per the suggestion of spot (and I stand by the fact that it was originally his idea). walked around a little, then started to head back to spot's place. decided to instead explore durham somewhat so drove over quite a bit of durham. eventually ended up where we started and almost headed back to spot's place when I had an inspiration. we could call seth vidal and bug him for a bit 🙂

so, looked up his number in my pilot and gave him a call. went to his place and sat and talked for a while. his dog decided that she wanted to play with spot and I. then, went to see duke physics and the fun arrangements they have there. seth also wanted to see Red Hat, so after that, we went back to Red Hat and did the penny tour.

finally, came back and am currently sitting here burning a couple of sets of Red Hat Linux 7.1 cds for the installfest in the morning. which I need to wake up in time to get to. bleah, and I want to sleep in at some point.

oh well, I'll read for a bit while cds burn and then head to bed. then tomorrow, to the installfest where hopefully I can get some work done maybe perhaps.