So, with DSL not being an option, we decided to go with Road Runner… now, Time Warner said they couldn't do anything until the installation of standard cable had cleared the system. Monday, this was installed. By Tuesday, they still hadn't registered that it was installed. So, yesterday morning I called and they said they could it do it Thursday morning; not thinking, I said that was fine. Last night, I called to reschedule or try to get guaranteed first thing in the morning. They couldn't do the latter so we rescheduled for Saturday afternoon which would have meant I would have missed the trilug installfest, but I was going to do it so that I could have high-speed access. I wake up this morning (well, beyond from the visiting kitty crawling over me) to a knock at the door and it's the RR installation guy. So, point of this long story — I now have road runner. Nice to have some speed back for my personal boxes.